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Violent Deaths: As Reported in the Newspapers of the Time

by Familia Ulster Genealogical Review: No. 19, 2003


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by James O'Hanlon

"A trawl through the Ulster Historical Foundation’s comprehensive database of gravestone inscriptions will unearth many colourful names: Nicholas de Lacherois Crommelin, Baptist Hogsett, Narcissus Batt, Pietro Nabucco, Espartero Jones, Ringham Bingham, Carberry O’Fey, Bartholomew Romanville, Patrick Coraboo.

On the surface they would appear to be more at home in a Victorian melodrama than an Ulster graveyard, but delve a little deeper and you will find they lived their incident packed lives cheek by jowl with their more mundanely named contemporaries."

This article looks at how deaths were reported in newspapers over the years, using stories that have been gleaned from contemporary accounts in the Belfast News Letter or Belfast Telegraph.