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Where The Twain Meet: An Account of Samuel Langhorne Clemens’s Ulster Connection

by Familia Ulster Genealogical Review: No. 22, 2006


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by Doreen McBride

"Mark Twain (1835–1910), the great American author, is reputed to have observed, ‘I spent a fortune researching my ancestors and another covering them up again.’ Perhaps he would have felt differently had he been born in an era when Ireland was not blighted by the devastating effects of the Great Famine or had he been able to see Ireland produce, in the twentieth century, a large number of great writers, including four winners of the Nobel prize for literature.

Living as he did in an age when the Irish were despised, he would have been astonished to view the present situation, where it has become popular to ‘Irish up’ events and products."

This article, by Doreen McBride, examines Mark Twain's connections to Ulster, tracing his ancestors to Clements Hill, near Ballynure, a quaint village near the thriving market town of Ballyclare in County Antrim, Northern Ireland.